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    F360 Integrated Office Services (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
    An ISO 9001:2015 Company

    We Manage Everything !

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    Facility Services

    Leave your Facilities to us, so that you can focus on main objective

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    Janetorial & Pantry Services

    Help in maintianing clean and healthy environment at workplaces

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    Estate Management

    Help in maintianing clean and healthy environment at workplaces

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Know More About Our Company

Who We Are

A Facility Service Company, started with a structured thought, a first step and with the initiatives of setting up a new company abiding legal norms. F360 took off with facility and housekeeping services for corporates, accompanied by few likeminded associates.

Our head office situated at Magarpatta city, Pune is adjacent to many corporate offices. The close proximity enables us to provide quick services, on time, every time. We are also serving Hyderabad and Chennai

Our Vision

“To be the most preferred and evolutionary partner for our customers, delivering prompt and efficient service with complete transparency and smooth operations. We believe that for us, ‘success’ means gaining the trust and faith of our customers every day and always.”

Our Mission

“To deliver integrated facility-services, managing administrative business processes, and transactions responsibly, efficiently and honestly to our customers”

Our Best Practices


Office operational requirements can be tiresome. What if you had the Aladdin’s lamp at your disposal? Well, you have the next best thing. F360 is a professional Facility Services Management start up, focused on delivering effective support and services for your organization’s everyday needs.

Think of us as the extra pair of hands that you wish you had when your organization demands everything done at once, flawlessly. Be it Housekeeping staff, Maintenance staff, DG operations, Office deep cleaning and sanitization, you name it we will deliver with utmost hygiene using high quality branded materials.

Diversity & inclusions

We go our furthest extent to cultivate a culture in our work environment that embeds a sense of diversity and inclusion as an inseparable value of F360

We are fortunate to have a team that resonates to this same wavelength of respect for each other, irrespective of gender or any other biases. The very etiquette is maintained thoroughly, be it in our office or client sites. This enables a judgment free work atmosphere for everyone o to grow exponentially.

Safety and Office Safety

Safety is non-negotiable, that is given. However, apart from taking utmost precautionary measures, we foster a family like environment where everyone feels as safe as possible, even away from home

Putting safety at the highest priority, we have partnered with The Safety Master Pvt Limited, a safety consulting training and product company which is. founded by Mr. Sanjeev Paruthi, an experienced and visionary professional with more than 15 years of international experience in industrial and process safety.. F360 is glad to be associated with such a wide canvas.


Our focus is to deliver unhinged support and services with maximum hygiene. We routinely check quality standards for each and every material to ensure proper hygiene. A valued part of F360 culture is transparency, because for us to cover the long miles ahead, your trust matters.


We strongly believe that association with standard organisations not only improves the quality of service but also inculcates the industrial values into functioning.

F360 has initiated memberships with MCCIA, FLO, UBS Forum. We are now an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We are also expanding towards empanelling with the vendors of office services and supplies on a national basis

Services We Provide A Quality Experience Team With High Expertise

Facility Management & Pantry Services

Optimizing your facilities operations with highly tailored expertise

Office Supplies & Trading

High quality and cost effective office supplies & trading services

Estate Management

Specialised, elite property management services enhancing the value of property investments. We are the channel partners for Bajaj Homeloans

Disinfection Services & Covid19 Supplies

Leading disinfection service providers. IncludingCOVID-19protective equipment like masks and sanitizers. Click here to download the brochure

Safety & Trainings

As a partner of The Safety Master Pvt Limited, we offer safety related trainings in the areas of Process Safety, Rigging Safety, Electrical Safety and many others. We are also the authorized dealers of “Rudraum” the Mobile Security Application. Click here to know more about it

Miscellaneous services

Pest Control, Vending machines supplies ,CCD, Lavaza,Godrej , Glass cleaning internal and external space,Privtae properties management , AMC of AC all variants , AMC services with trained Plumber, Carpenter, Painter, Electrician under 1 contract.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Optimized enterprise resource planning services for the organisations.

IT Infrastructure Support

We provide IT infrastructure solutions like Data Centre Build, Smart Rack Solutions, Video Survelliance Solutions, Smart City Projects, Board Romm Solutions, etc. Click here for details.

Account & Payroll Management

Get rid of the calculation and maintenance overhead of accounts & payroll.

Health Care -Medical & Surgical

We Have Certified ISO in surgical & Medical .We authorised to deal Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda across PAN india.Mainly dealing with Generic Medicines. We alsohave ICE registration to import/export medical supplies as per needs.

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Our Leadership at F360.

Mr. Jagan Mohan Anasingaruju
Managing Director & CEO

You focus on the Results,

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